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Roof Calculator With this price calculator you can calculate materials, labour, plant and tool for Roofing. You can set your own allowance for the materials or you can have the option of them being supplied by your client. If that is the case, you need only calculate the labour cost. We feature 3D graphics, so you can easily envisage what you are estimating.  

This cost calculator includes several categories of Roofing:

  • Roof Structure
  • Roof Covering
  • Roof Insulation
  • Roof Windows
  • Fascia and Soffit
  • Rainwater Goods
Roof Structure

The Roof Structure cost calculator has many different options:
✔ Interactive 3D Graphics
✔ Different Types (apex, mono pitch, lean-to roof)
✔ Gable, Hip, Valley, Wall Abutment 
✔ Rafters (quantity, length, section, spacing)
✔ Ceiling Joists (quantity, length, section)
✔ Wall Plate (quantity, length, section)
✔ Collars (quantity, length, section)
✔ Roof Sheathing (plywood, OSB)
✔ Valley Rafters (quantity, length, section)
✔ Hip Rafters (quantity, length, section)
✔ Roof Extras (fixings, timber, straps, hangers, bolts)

Roof Covering

The Roof Covering cost calculator has many different options:
✔ Profile Tiles
✔ Plain Tiles
✔ Slate Range 
✔ GRP (fibreglass)
✔ Torch-On Felt
✔ Single Layer Felt
✔ Battens (19x 50, 25x38, 25x50, 50x50)
✔ Roof Sheathing (plywood, OSB)
✔ Firrings
✔ Trims and Accessories
✔ Breather Membrane
✔ Eaves, Ridges, Verges, Valleys, Hips
✔ Flashings and Wall Abutments

Roof Insulation

The Roof Insulation cost calculator has many different options:
✔ Insulation Between and Over Rafters
✔ Insulation Between and Above Joists
✔ Rigid Insulation (12 – 150mm)
✔ Earthwool (100 -200mm)
✔ Fixings and Accessories

Roof Windows

The Roof windows cost calculator has many different options:
✔ Velux or Duratech
✔ Windows Finishes (white, pine)
✔ Standard Sizes (550 – 1800mm)
✔ Flashings (profile, slate, plain tiles)
✔ Underfelt Collar
✔ Set Installation Time
✔ Rafters and Trimers
✔ Hangers, Fixings and Accessories

Fascia and Soffit

The Fascia and Soffit cost calculator has many different options:
✔ Material (uPVC, timber)
✔ uPVC Fascias (150 – 405mm)
✔ Timber Fascias (44 – 217mm)
✔ Standard Sizes (550 – 1800mm)
✔ Soffits (vented, solid)
✔ Colours (white, oak effect, black, mahogany effect)
✔ Box End and Accessories
✔ Decoration (primer, undercoat, gloss, wood oil, wood stain, varnish)

Rainwater Goods

The Rainwater Goods cost calculator has many different options:
✔ uPVC Gutters (white, black, round, square)
✔ uPVC Downpipes (white, black, round, square)
✔ Brackets
✔ Outlets
✔ Stop Ends
✔ Different Bends and Clips


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