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The idea for Price A Job was born out of a wish to find an online platform that would cut quotation times down from many hours to just minutes. There were platforms around that performed a similar function, but nothing that provided PriceAJob’s Founder, Vasyl Mateychuk, with the versatility and pinpoint accuracy that he needed.

Having been in the construction trade for many years and with no suitable platform coming to market, PriceAJob’s Founder decided to set to work and teamed up with web designers, architects and software professionals to design and build PriceAJob.

PriceAJob offers an original way to produce accurate quotes that will save each tradesperson time – and earn them more money!

Like the thousands of tradespeople before him, our Founder spent hours every night drawing up quotes and lost countless weekends to mountains of paperwork. There was always a feeling too, of trying to ‘catch up’ with the never-ending backlog of pricings.

But those days are no more, as with PriceAJob, every tradesperson can shrink the time it takes on their quotes, and produce templated pricings to suit each customer and their requirements.

Now that time can be your friend again, there’ll be more free time to spend with friends and family, more time for socialising and even more time to earn more money.




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